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Duhok-Masik, Bra street, near Saido mosque, in front of Bursa kebap restorant.

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About Dr.Adnan Asaad

Adnan Asaad Taher Senior Psychiatrist/ Head of Psychiatric Department in Azadi Teaching Hospital.

I have been working as a psychiatrist since 2011 in Iraq along with several teams and groups, we helped in treating more than 250,000 help-seekers between the ages of 2 and 100. My decision for choosing this field goes back to my days as a medical student in 2004, because in that period, people viewed psychiatry and mental illnesses as stigma, unusual and few believed in mental treatment, nor were they encouraged enough to ask, seek help, or even accept that they may suffer from some mental and psychological problems, as well as there was a lack of psychiatric clinics and doctors to provide mental and psychological assistance. However, by using consistent methods, conducting and researching reliable and advanced studies of mental illness, and using professional techniques, I was able to become one of the factors involved in changing the perception of psychiatry in people’s mindset. For me; When you help someone to improve, you also help improve a family, and when you help a family, you help be one of the effective resources for improving and creating a more productive society. Because every patient is an experience, and every experience is a path and what we use to heal them in that path if it works for them; It means that we are on the right path, if not; There are many other methods we can use to help them, because the adoption and combination of different approaches and techniques is what distinguishes psychiatry and psychotherapy from other medical fields. Mental treatment and psychotherapy works best when the relationship with the patient is strong, and we work in an area in which we help and support human mental health and psychology to improve , and in its role it means that our relationships are based on human values such as trust, confidentiality, acceptance …etc., as the primary duty of a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist is humane, in order to provide the necessary support and assistance to those who seek mental help. Having the right knowledge and information about our psychological and mental being is my main goal, because when we have the right understanding of what we are going through, the different moods we live in, and the complex feelings we have about every situation and problem, we will know how to accept and deal with them, which will lead us to be more aware of ourselves and to know how to make ourselves happy, it is like the art of finding happiness that we try to teach to those seeking mental help.


Mission & Vision

“we aim to provide a high and qualified help for you so as you can achieve healthy psychological(mental) and physical properties, and to successfully establish strong good-termed relationships!”

why us?.

Our Mission.

our mission is to provide the right high-quality help and guidance for you, with the presence of professional and skillful psychiatrist and psychotherapists all working together in order for you to achieve the psychological and physical prosperity, and confidently create healthy social connections.

Our Vision.

we are a group consisting of a psychiatrist and a group of psychotherapists providing right care and treatment for those who seek mental illness cure, ensuring that everyone has the access to contact professional and qualified psychiatrist and psychotherapists available.

Our Goal.

we do our best to increase and make the access to psychiatry and psychological services better. Helping in making the society to better understand our main duties and what mental illnesses are. Improving the main functions and qualities of psychiatry and psychological services in our society, as well as promoting them. Our ultimate goal is to cure and provide help for mental illness help seekers.

Our Values.

our core values are providing the highest quality ethical standards for any professional relationship and connection we have with our patients. Making sure to have access to medications and any treatment prescribed. Respect for our patients’ principles, mentality, background and information.

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Psychiatry and Psychotherapy:

Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that helps to identify and diagnose people with mental disorders. The person who graduates from this field of study is called a psychiatrist; who is a medical doctor that through the use of medications helps to keep people’s disorders and diagnoses in control. A psychiatrist uses various forms in order to cure patients; psychotherapy is one of the most important ones. Psychotherapy, that is done by a professional psychotherapist/psychologist; who is different than psychiatrist, also known as talking therapy in which it includes a professional therapeutic relationship between the psychotherapist and the person who seeks metal help and support. Depending on the need of every help seeker, psychiatry and psychotherapy are done either together or separately. However, when they are done together people with mental issues tend to cure in a shorter time and the symptoms are controlled easier and faster.

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Online Session.

Online sessions are a great way to keep us on the track with our clients due to the pandemic, people’s fear of getting infected and sometimes the government announcing curfew. The online sessions can be voice or voice and video between the psychiatrist or psychotherapist and the client, and for any medications prescribed, we deliver them to their doors in 24 hours.

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Mental Center

Our Mental Center .

We aim to raise Psychological Awareness through our mental center and provide mental services for community members by scientific and professional means. We try to spread mental and psychological information, knowledge and skills through Seminars, Workshops, and Training of trainers, and other mental services, in which we help to improve the quality of life, relationships, the performance at school or work, to reduce the chance of any complexes and medical health issues.


Our children are our future. Therefore, we have opened a special section for children in our center. Child and adolescent psychiatry includes a wide range of tasks for developing healthy development from birth through adolescence and diagnosing and treating existing disorders. Ignoring the psychological symptoms that appear on the child leads to a worsening of his condition, and may worsen unexpectedly and within a short period, which affects the child's normal life, especially his social life.


Our center has its own pharmacy where most of the treatments required for psychiatry and other medications are available in general, all licensed by the Ministry of Health and of high quality. It is managed by the best pharmacists to meet the prescriptions and advise on the medicines they give, dispense the medicines as per the doctor's recommendations and the prescriptions given.


Our seminars are for Raising Mental Awareness among our people in general, and to increase their background knowledge on: what mental issues are, how it happens, to identify mental illnesses’ signs in people surrounding them, as well as to be more comfortable while discussing mental issues and illnesses, however we do not stop only there, we provide other topics that will help to elevate people’s skills, such as forming relationships, building contacts, Correct Breathing, how to have a Healthy Psych, and so on.


Raising mental health awareness thoroughly and ensuring that our people are in excellent health both physically and mentally is our duty we aim to achieve in the workshops we provide. The motive to address such mental issues to establish a healthy environment is a huge step we aim to achieve so as to have a positive impact on the minds of our participants، providing them the right path to develop their skills while maintaining their good mental health and, consequently, excellent productivity.

Communication between Personality and Identity

Workshop by Adnan Yusuf Subject: Communication between Personality and Identity Date and Time: 08th– September– 2021, from 15:00 – 18:00                             09th – September–

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Workshop by Kawa Miqdad Ahmed Slevaney Subject: Autism  Date and Time: 22nd– August – 2021, from 15:00 – 19:00                             23rd – August –

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