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Duhok-Masik, Bra street, near Saido mosque, in front of Bursa kebap restorant.

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Farooq Jamil Ma'rof


Bachelor of Psychology / University of Duhok, Master of Psychotherapy / Newcastle University - United Kingdom. Since 2016, he has been working as a psychotherapist at the Matin Center. And now he works as psychotherapist in the Dr. Adnan Asaad Center , he participated in many courses and conferences at the regional and external level for. e.g., a course on how to deal with people with disabilities in terms of education in Germany at the University of Waldenburg in 2016. course duration 3 months. Participation in a conference on the theoretical and practical study of the German system for people with disabilities in Germany in 2017. course duration 15 days. Participation in the Argo and Sand Therapy course at the University of Duhok in cooperation with an Egyptian university in 2018. course duration 15 days. Participation in an academic course on how to integrate people with disabilities with others (Inclusive system) in Germany in 2018, 2021 and 2022. course duration 15 days each year. It influenced me working as a psychiatrist because as therapists we are always working to solve patients' problems and illnesses. Psychotherapy has great benefits for individuals and society because it builds people's thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and personalities. In my opinion, scientific evaluation, reading the disease from an emotional, mental, behavioral and physical point of view, and reading the events the patient is going through It will give us the ability to better understand the disease, more deeply, and develop a better plan for the patient. My goal in the future is to become someone who can serve those who need me most.