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We are open from Saturdays till Thursdays, from 3:30 p.m. to maximum 11:00 p.m.

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Duhok-Masik, Bra street, near Saido mosque, in front of Bursa kebap restorant.

+964 750 834 3130

Kawa Miqdad Ahmed


Since 2004 until now I have been working as a psychotherapist and helped many cases who suffered from addiction, re-righting the behaviors, autism, … etc. and became one of the reasons to cure more that 16,000 help seekers from different ages in different centers and places. To be a helpful source for some people, who felt that they have been cut and isolated from the society, is related to me as an individual since it was my own preference because I viewed psychotherapy as a humanitarian act, I wanted to provide help for them to take control over their feelings and get the needed recovery. The methods and techniques I used definitely were successful due to my keen relationship with help seekers, because we built our relationship on trust, protecting confidentiality according to instructions, their commitment to treatment core rules, and my own commitment to provide methods depending on the needs of every help seeker. The help and psychological support I provided for every human being was a beneficial experience for me that improved me more, specially my experiences with autism, because until now I continue thinking in newer and better ways to provide treatment for people with autism that also goes well with our surroundings and to become other psychotherapists’ motivation to follow this high-level method. Providing more help and treatment with using new and high-level of treatment methods, being a beneficial person and supportive, building successful programs that is related to psychological disorders; specially autism, that will make the recovery easier on them, their families, and their psychotherapists, are my targets that I continuously work to achieve.